In order to maintain the high quality of its English immersion section, the Institute Sainte-Marie of Arlon (known as ISMA) is always looking to recruit native English speakers willing to teach students various topics amongst which are History, Geography, Science, Current Events, …

English immersion is organized from 1st grade to 6th grade.

During the first year, three topics classes are taught in English: Science classes (3 hours), Technology classes (1 hour) and Environment classes (4 hours).

The following years, more topics are added: History classes (2 hours), Geography classes (2 hours) and Current Events (2 hours) along with English classes.

Please note that candidates must be holding the required diploma as provided for by the legislation in order to teach the above mentioned classes. Refer to the Primoweb list to be found on for further details.

Candidates also need to have a basic command of the French language in order to facilitate day-to-day interactions with colleagues, parents and other students.

And finally, candidates need to be holding a work permit for Belgium.


Looking for more info regarding the English immersion program?

Feel free to get in touch in french with Laurence Hendrix via or +32 63 43 01 77.

Ready to apply?

Send out your resume and cover letter in french to Laurence Hendrix via